April 2015 Gift Gallery Artist of the Month: Deb Stewart

Artist Statement:

Debera Stewart,

Clay Artist and Craftsman

“Hands in clay satisfy that desire to create and be in touch with Mother Earth.”


I treasure the creativity I can have with clay and the solitude in spending hours in the studio creating and feeling the clay flow through my hands. I believe you are only limited by your imagination – but to be a good clay artist you need to be a good clay craftsman, and must work hard on the craft – constantly learning and experimenting. Functional ceramic pieces need to have a functional process and purpose in their use. While other clay items are simply a beautiful creation of surface, tension,, color and style and are unique one-of-a-kind pieces.

Stewart 3

Inspiration in my work comes from my surroundings here in Western Colorado. The color of the earth, rocks, sky and all that they contain. I feel especially close to Mother Earth and her brilliant palette of colors from feelings of warm earth, red and gray rocks, to grass greens and the brilliance of sunrise and sunsets. Not only the surroundings but the early history of creation in Ancient art Reproduction from the Mimbreno ware to Anasazi, Acoma, and traditional Pueblo pottery. The feeling of the clay, the techniques, and tools made from simple found items and the style of firing are intriguing and fuel a personal desire to rediscovery of the old ways.

Stewart 2

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