Art Center hosts Arte en Español

On February 11, 2018, The Art Center hosted a program called “Arte en Español,” a collaboration with both the Aspen Art Museum and School District 51’s Migrant Education Program. Available for Spanish-speaking families living in Mesa County, the day’s theme was “Turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.”

Adults attended an interactive lecture by AAM Learning Director Michelle Dezember about contemporary art that combines or displays ordinary objects in such a way as to elevate their significance. Dezember used the museum’s current exhibitions as examples. Children participated in a drawing and coloring activity around the theme as well. Arte en Español ended with a mini exhibition that included a talkback between the artists and their parents. Two weeks later, the AAM welcomed the same families for a tour of its exhibitions, connecting the topics discussed at The Art Center with the art objects themselves. The Art Center was enthusiastic to facilitate this full-circle educational experience and looks forward to future community partnerships.

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