Blue Pig Workshop – Understanding Visual Arts Critiquing

Donna Page
Wednesday, Nov. 1,  6-9pm OR Wednesday, Nov. 8, 6-9pm
All materials provided

Understanding the guidelines for critiquing visual art compositions and determining a good design are essential to creating any visual artwork. The elements and principles of design provide a framework for artistic evaluation that gives basis to your personal likes and dislikes. Critiquing your own artwork helps solve design challenges that will strengthen, expand and enhance your personal style.

We will discuss the formal elements of design or “Process” in which the art work is made (i.e.: line, space, color, texture) that result in the artistic “product” and how well the work reflects the principles of good design. This is a group discussion workshop that will give everyone a better understanding and knowledge of the visual arts. Bring a sample of your work if you would like a personal critique; other examples will be provided. We will have a very lively discussion while learning about art! All levels welcome!

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