Ink Painting Techniques

Gary Clapp
Saturday – Sunday, Feb. 25-26, 10am-4pm
$70 member / $110 non-member

This workshop will delve into the tools, materials and techniques of Japanese and Chinese brush and ink painting, including the use of ink painting techniques in sketches, detailed renderings, and abstraction. Students will learn how to adapt these techniques to personally selected subject matter and media such as watercolor.

Gary Clapp moved to the Grand Valley from New Hampshire. He has worked in watercolor for 20+ years and in the Eastern tradition for 15 years. Gary has taught sumi-e (Japanese brush painting) and Chinese painting classes and workshops, has taught how to adapt Japanese and Chinese painting techniques to subject matter such as western landscapes. He has demonstrated these painting methods on community television. Gary is represented by the Blue Pig in Palisade.


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