Learning to Sketch

Betsy McLoughlin
Tuesdays 9am-12pm, Jan. 9 – Feb. 27
$140 member / $180 non-member

For beginners and those who already sketch but want to improve or sketch more often. Based on shorter classes Betsy has taught, this class will cover sketching basics in more depth and with more time for individual help. Betsy will address the concern that one’s artwork “isn’t good enough” and the self-consciousness that many feel about sketching in public, help students clarify their goals, give students practical tips (with handouts), and ensure plenty of time to sketch. The class will also cover how sketching and drawing are different, how skills are developed, how to decide what to sketch, and supplies. Learn how just a touch of color can enhance a sketch, and how creating “memories, not masterpieces,” can become a lifetime source of enjoyment.

Click here to download a supply list.

Instructor email: betsywmcl@gmail.com

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