Summer Art Camp 2018

A unique experience every week
Ages 5-12
Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm
Tuition: $110 member / $135 non-member per week, per child
Need-based scholarships available
All materials provided

Don’t forget to bring a snack, a lunch, and a water bottle!

Weeks one through five include the Our Secret World installation. Students will work on this together from start to finish, and the completed installation will become part of The Art Center’s Learning exhibition. Students will conjure up their favorite imaginary places, powers, and creatures.

Week 1: Art Basics
May 29 – June 1 (four days; $88 member/$108 non-member)
This week we will learn and advance on students’ techniques in drawing, painting and sculpture.

Week 2: I heART the outdoors
June 4-8 (Camp will meet at the Botanical Gardens Wednesday, June 6)
Explore the natural world to find eco-friendly inspiration. Students will work with charcoal, pastels, and pencil. We will create mandala rock paintings and shaker sticks; sticks weave; draw leaves, flowers; and make rubbings. We will also learn how to make natural dyes, and make nature block prints. We will study conservation groups including the Nature Conservancy, World Wildlife Fund, and Oceana to develop projects.

Week 3: Old and new ways of creating 3-Dimensional Art
June 11-15
Discover old and new ways of creating three-dimensional artwork. Students will learn about different clay techniques. Celebrate the history of animals in art, from ancient times to present day. Explore value drawings using caveman art supplies. Stuff, build, draw, and paint creatures that roam the earth and the outer limits of your imagination.

Week 4: What is a Film?
June 18-22
What is a film?  The telling of a story, understanding framing, and filming a story from beginning to end. As a class we will come up with an idea, write a script, record and edit the short film. The students will also act in their films. Parents will be emailed a link to the YouTube video after project is completed. We will also work with different forms of portrait drawing of people, pets, and zoo animals and learn mosaic techniques.

Week 5: Sculpture
June 25-29
Students will work with clay for part of the week. They will work with paper to create vehicles that run on wheels, sailing vessels, hot air balloons and designer paper airplanes, and more.

Week 6: Art is More than Drawing and Painting
July 2-6 (skipping July 4; $88 member/$108 non-member)
This will be a fun-filled four days. Projects include the art of Yoga, writing, origami, acting exercises, food art, and dance.

Week 7: Explore The Art Center
July 9-13
The Art Center will be a source of inspiration and emphasis for the art students this week.  Students will look intensively at the collection of Pre-Columbian ceramics and current exhibitions. They will see the inner workings of The Art Center and hear from Art Center staff.  They will create their own masterpieces using clay, pencil, ink, watercolor, and acrylic.

Week 8: The Art of Legos and Printmaking
July 16-20
Students will learn about Nathan Sawaya brick artist and then create their own creation out of Legos and photograph them. Also during the week the students will construct a book of prints and make their own paper.

Week 9: Theater & Humor
July 23-27
Discover the classic world of theater. Students will learn tricks of the trade, create wearable sculptures, and perform a “kid-friendly Shakespeare.” We’ll work on funny stuff, from cartoons to caricatures and everything in between. Learn how art can make people laugh.

Week 10: STEAM
July 30-Aug 3
Discover why educators include art in STEAM. Projects will include magnetic paint, gravity, tiny energy dancer sculptures, and life-cycle flip books. Plus what’s in outer space—bottle rockets, paint the planets, and design your own space outfit.

Week 11: Clay and the Art of Music
Aug 6-10
Students will look at the Blue Man Group for inspiration in creating their own instruments for a concert at the end of the week. They will also experiment with some of The Art Center’s musical instruments. During the week we will also be working with clay.

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