Surface Design Techniques: Part II

Ashtonn Means
Sunday, April 30, 1-4pm
$40 member / $60 non-member

Discover your love of surface work in this three-hour mini workshop on slip-trailing and shellacking. This workshop will be half demonstration and half hands-on, covering surface design techniques on vessel forms. Focus will be on preparing slip, using different thicknesses of slip to varied effect, application of shellac, and combining slip-trailing and shellacking in one piece.

Students are asked to bring two small vessels (about 5 inches tall), an old brush that will only be used for shellac, and a slip trailing bottle (Xiem makes a decent one). The vessels should be of a smooth clay body such as B-mix or Porcelain, one at the leather hard stage and one at the bone-dry stage (make this one slightly thicker than usual, similar to the idea of carving). This workshop is about learning; most students won’t leave with a finished design but are encouraged to continue individually. A bisque firing only is included in workshop tuition.

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