Vessels of Clay: Design, Process and Function

Conner Burns
Friday – Sunday, Aug. 11-13, 9am-4pm
$275 member / $315 non-member
Lecture: Saturday, August 12 at 5pm, free and open to the public

This informational workshop will focus on demonstrations and discussion, with limited hands-on involvement for participants. During the first two days Conner will expound his methods of throwing and altering a variety of forms. He will discuss related topics including aesthetics, philosophy, design, technical issues, and business practices. Conner will continue to create and alter forms and add components (such as slab components, handles, and spouts) as the workshop progresses.

On day three, as Conner puts the final touches on the work that he has produced, he will delve into his method of firing (single firing), why he chose it, and the relationships between the forms he makes and how they do (or do not) function as a cohesive unit or set. Conner will discuss single firing throughout the workshop as it fits, but on this day he will focus more attention on the subject. He will also address the manner in which he glazes and will provide a glazing demonstration.

Conner Burns is a studio artist working in Natchez, Mississippi, his hometown. He has received recognition and awards from numerous galleries, art festivals, national clay organizations, and art associations. Nature is Conner’s primary inspiration; he intends his work to look as if it “grew that way.” To learn more visit

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