Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees

Robbie Breaux – President
Lancer Livermont – Vice President
Chris Briardy – Treasurer
Anita Pisciotte – Secretary
Jeremy R Franklin
Kirk Granum
Dr. Michael Neste
Cathy Zippert – Art Center Guild President
Kay Ambrose – ex-officio WCCA Endowment Foundation

Robbie BreauxRobbie Breaux, President
grew up in Alabama and was a pharmacist for 18 years there.
When her family moved to Grand Junction in 1996, she became office manager for her husband Chuck’s pediatric surgery practice at St. Mary’s Hospital. After retiring as the office manager for what would become the Pediatric Specialty Clinic at St. Mary’s Hospital in 2013, she found a new home at The Art Center.

Robbie serves on several boards, including The Art Center Board, the Art Center Foundation Board,The Avalon Foundation Board, and her homeowners’ association board. She is active in her church, playing the piano and organ, singing in the choir and serving on committees.  She has worked with Art on the Corner downtown. She and Chuck are in the Schumann Singers, a local singing group.

Robbie and Chuck have as their mission to “support all things art” in Grand Junction. They want to ensure that everyone is exposed to lots of great art, both visual and performance.

Robbie is most often found at The Art Center. Her hobby in ceramic art has blossomed into her becoming a very credible ceramic artist with her work on display at the Oakley Gallery downtown.  She does demonstrations there once a month.



Call for Board of Directors Candidates

Do you love The Art Center? Do you want to help it move strongly into the future?
Step up for the arts and serve on the board of trustees of the Western Colorado Center for the Arts (WCCA)!
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