We and You

Friday & Saturday, May 12 & 13 at 7:30pm
Doors open at 7pm; cash bar
Tickets available at the door; $15 General admission / $10 students

We and You is a performance by The Enigmatic Movement Project (T.E.M.P.) in which the audience is seated in the round. The dances explore the unique space of The Art Center and seek to establish a heightened awareness between dancers and audience members, both visually and as co-participants in the experience.

The Enigmatic Movement Project operates with the purpose of creating and advancing collaborative, contemporary performance art with an emphasis on movement. T.E.M.P. is an innovative force on the Western Slope, performing in diverse venues and collaborating with artists across mediums. Through performances and happenings that venture outside the norms of concert dance, T.E.M.P. aims to build community and elevate and challenge the audience experience in Western Colorado. Founders and artistic directors Ousa Hymas Samkara and Laura Bradley enact T.E.M.P.’s mission by exploring a range of topics and sensibilities through dance creation. Both Samkara and Bradley have backgrounds in the healing and visual arts as well as in choreography and dance. T.E.M.P.’s members endeavor to connect with audiences on a personal level and to produce art in intimate spaces.

Choreographers: Laura Bradley, Ousa Hymas Samkara, Shelly Clements, Meredith Lyons, Elvie Anable, Analii Cunningham, Rebecca Fleishman, Gabrielle Cahill, Liz Vrettos, Julie Sinnott, Maridee Slater, and Lynda Kelley

Live music: John Anglim

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