White Hot: All about High-Fire Porcelain

Amy Kline
Saturday & Sunday, August 11-12, 2018, 9am-4pm
$220 member / $260 non-member

Amy Kline takes a new, sculptural approach to creating lamps in high-fire porcelain on the potters’ wheel. This is a great way to bring fine art and sculpture into the home in a functional manner. Amy will begin with the initial drawing/design and progress to measurements and weights, and use calipers to fit forms together post-firing. Amy uses a wide variety of color and texture in cone 10 reduction.

Amy will also bring a few of her personal custom Cone 10 glazes for students to sample. Students will glaze bisque-fired work Saturday morning with Amy’s guidance. We’ll load the gas kiln and fire off a reduction cone 10 load on Sunday; work can be picked up on Monday, August 13th. This will be an exciting new element to this workshop with the opportunity for students to sample some of Amy’s dynamic glazes for the first time!

Students will need to bring 6 to 8 bisque-fired pots to glaze. Preferable clay bodies are B-Mix, cone 10 white stoneware, porcelain; any brown firing cone 10 stoneware body is also acceptable. Sizes can vary from small 5” cups to larger 8” to 12” vessels.

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