InstructorAshtonn Means
Join ceramic artist Ashtonn Means in this demonstration-only Zoom- based workshop exploring mugs. This workshop will provide a glimpse into Ashtonn’s daily studio practice as she creates a mug from… Read more
InstructorTerry Shepherd
Notebook required Take this course if you meet the requirements for intermediate ceramics, have confidence when it comes to throwing a 10-14" cylinder using 5-10lbs. of clay, and have a desire and… Read more
InstructorTerry Shepherd
Notebook required Take this course if you are confident when it comes to wedging and centering, can throw a 6-8" cylinder using 2-3lbs. of clay, and have experience with basic hand tools and slab… Read more
InstructorGary Andrews
Escape into the world of clay. Students learn the basics of hand-building, then dive into the skills needed to throw fundamental forms which have been used through the ages. At times Gary will… Read more
InstructorRobbie Breaux
This course is for both beginner and intermediate students. Beginners focus on simple forms (mugs with handles and bowls), glazes, and glazing techniques. Intermediate students receive instruction on… Read more
InstructorAshtonn Means
This course is designed for both beginning and intermediate students. The projects and demonstrations will be geared toward the skill level and interest of each student. Throughout this course… Read more

Art History/Appreciation

InstructorMatt Jones
An in-depth look at the works and lives of the most popular artists from the Modern Art movement. Discover the events that led explosive changes in style, ultimately transforming the culture and… Read more

2D Art

InstructorGayle Gerson
Gayle Gerson is teaching a workshop-like class to give artists of all skill levels practice in working with experimental painting and collaging techniques to create beautiful compositions, both… Read more
InstructorGayle Gerson
Are you ready to get serious about doing a series of artworks with a common thread? Participants will write journaling pages and then transform their ideas and images into a series of mixed media… Read more