The study of form has always been a core interest in Fong Choo’s clay career. As a result, for over 25 years he has focused consciously and meticulously on a single form: the teapot. At this workshop, there will be wet work demonstrations on his signature teapot forms, teacups, bowls, cylinders, and all it takes to harness and accommodate the flowing nature of Choo’s glazing techniques.

Glazing has significant dynamic potential as the crucial final step. Envisioning glaze interplay with both other glazes, and with heat, is a laborious and patiently acquired skill. Ideally, glazes become as creatively fluid, colorful, and vibrant as a painter’s palette.

You will learn his unorthodox approach to using pre-made, easily available, low-fire and mid-fire glazes. For over three decades, Choo experimented with hundreds of combinations of both glazes and firing techniques; you will see the few, special survivors. All of these glazes are “at home” and comfortable in the typical Cone 6 oxidation environment most potters use.

It is difficult to envision beauty coming from over-firing low-fire glazes given the inevitable problem with running. However, what if we take these "faults" to the edge and make these characteristics more predictable tools in the art of glazing? Can usual enemies – over-melting, running, and flowing – become friends? Can we harness the effects of over-melting?

In fact, perfectly exquisite effects can come from over-firing low-fire and mid-fire glazes together. When glazes run in the directions and ways you know, layering and over-firing can produce a variety of intriguing, exciting, and luscious combinations. When in harmony with one another, they create a marbling effect with deep and lustrous, jewel-toned hues. And if time permits, Choo will demonstrate how to attach a dyed reed handle to finish off a teapot. There will also be homemade tools and a selection of his work available for purchase.

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Fong Choo

Code: 22U-3DWKS-0002

Class dates:

June 4, 5

9:00 AM - 4:00 PM