Join ceramic artist Ashtonn Means in this demonstration-only Zoom- based workshop exploring mugs. This workshop will provide a glimpse into Ashtonn’s daily studio practice as she creates a mug from start to finish. This workshop will take you through the process of throwing the form; altering, attaching handles, surface treatments and slip-trailing. Students will be able to interact with Ashtonn and each other using the Zoom platform, allowing for discussions and questions throughout the demonstration. This workshop is for students of all levels.

Course Requirements: Students will need to have access to a computer or smartphone with internet, a webcam, and microphone. Students will need to access Zoom to attend the workshop.

Feel free to contact Ashtonn with any questions: [email protected]

Member: $50.00 | Non-Member: $85.00

Ashtonn Means

Code: 20A-3DWKS-0017

Available classes dates:

November 14

1:00 PM - 4:00 PM