2D Art

InstructorGayle Gerson
Saturday & Sunday, August 21 & 22, 10am-2pm Create a large format abstract artwork (20" x 30" or larger) using bits and pieces of papers and found images. Particular attention will be paid to… Read more
InstructorGayle Gerson
Saturday & Sunday, July 17 & 18, 10am-2pm Create a large format landscape (20" x 30" or larger) using painted papers and found images in a series of layers.
InstructorGayle Gerson
Saturday & Sunday, June 12 & 13, 10am-2pm Create a decollage artwork in large-format (20" x 30" or larger). Techniques include mindful layering of a related collection of collage elements… Read more
InstructorMatt Jones
Meets in Downtown Grand Junction


InstructorRobbie Breaux
Use slabs of clay to make beautiful artwork. We’ll focus on functional ware – mugs, casseroles, bowls, etc. Various hand-building techniques, surface treatments, and glazing will also be discussed.… Read more
InstructorRobbie Breaux
This course is for both beginner and intermediate students. Beginners focus on simple forms (mugs with handles and bowls), glazes, and glazing techniques. Intermediate students receive instruction on… Read more
InstructorRon Cloyd
Whether you are a novice or seasoned clay artist, this course is one that will help you transform your visions into finished fired forms. With a focus toward whimsy and humor, Ron’s sculpture class… Read more
InstructorTerry Shepherd
Notebook required Take this course if you meet the requirements for intermediate ceramics, have confidence when it comes to throwing a 10-14" cylinder using 5-10lbs. of clay, and have a desire and… Read more