Contemporary Clay
Biennial Juried Exhibit 2022
Sponsored by Bernie and Mary Beth Buescher
May 13 – June 25
Fong Choo, Juror


The Art Center’s Contemporary Clay Biennial began in 2006. In the past 16 years it has grown to be a stellar exhibition featuring artwork from top artists in the contemporary ceramic field. This year’s juror, Fong Choo, has chosen 92 pieces to be exhibited from the 146 entries submitted. Along with the juried artworks, the invitational component to Contemporary Clay allowed Fong Choo to select a small group of professional colleagues to show contemporary ceramic work from nationally known artists.

Fong Choo specializes in mastering the form of the teapot. In his artist statement he notes, "What is so exciting about looking at a sleeping tiger?

"Nothing. But if you take a stick and poke at it, you will remember that tiger for the rest of your life!

"This is part of a conversation I once had at the Minnesota Zoo. In many ways, this parallels my attitude towards clay: it requires poking to awaken it. One must push the limits, test waters, search, prod and explore its many boundaries. I feel blessed to be able to pursue the life of a potter –especially when it requires poking the sleeping tiger...”

This exhibition brings contemporary clay artists to the Grand Valley, pushing our views of the ceramic world and demonstrating clay’s incredible adaptability as an artistic medium. It demonstrates how artists from around the world continue to push the limits of clay and expand the boundaries of the art medium.

Fong Choo will be offering a 2-day ceramic workshop alongside this exhibition on June 4th and 5th. The workshop will focus on exploring low-mid-range glazes and pushing the glazes in the firing to achieve dramatic results outside of the usual scope of low-mid-range glazes.


  • Submission deadline extended to February 4 - now closed
  • March 16: Artist notifications
  • April 11-15: Window for shipped artwork
  • April 11-15: 10am-2pm: Drop-off for hand-delivered artwork
  • June 3, 6:30-9pm: Reception
  • June 4-5, 9am-4pm: Juror workshop
  • June 27, 9am-4pm: Pick-up for hand-delivered artwork
  • June 27: Begin return shipping


2022: Bill van Gilder
2018: Doug Casebeer
2016: Steve Hilton
2014: Jim Romberg
2012: Brad Miller
2010: Pete Pinnel
2008: Tom and Elaine Coleman

$750 Best of Show
$450 First Place
$300 Second Place
$250 Third Place

SHIPPING: Accepted artists are responsible for shipping their work to and from the TAC and all related expenses. Artwork should be shipped in a sturdy, reusable container with instruction for packing. NO PACKING PEANUTS. All packages must include a return shipping label.

The Art Center
Attn: Terry Shepherd
1803 N 7th Street
Grand Junction, CO 81501

DELIVERY: Artist is responsible for delivery and pick-up of artwork to and from The Art Center, and all related expenses. Hand-delivered work must be dropped off and picked up on the specified dates at The Art Center. A storage fee of $10 per day per work will be charged on artwork remaining past the specified pick-up date, unless other arrangements are made with The Art Center.

ARTWORK IDENTIFICATION & LABELING: Upon delivery, artwork must be labeled with artist’s name, medium and price on the front (glass or frame) and back for 2D work. Do not tape labels to the artwork itself. For 3D work labels should be adhered to the bottom of the piece with archival removable materials. The Wall tags for art works will be generated from the information provided in this entry form. Please make sure all spelling and capitalization is correct.

SALES: The Art Center retains a commission of 40% on all Artwork sold from The Art Center galleries during the exhibition. The Art Center will collect sales tax and make payments to the appropriate agencies. Sales are reconciled at the end of the exhibition; sales commission checks are mailed to the artists after the fifteenth (15th) day of the month following the close of the exhibition.

DISPLAY: All artwork must be securely mounted and ready for display with the appropriate wiring or cleats and hardware. Artwork not ready for display as indicated, or excessively fragile artwork requiring more than normal handling and consideration, will not be exhibited. The Art Center reserves the right to install selected artwork in any manner deemed necessary for exhibition or security reasons, and to refuse display of any unsuitable artwork.
Please email [email protected] with questions about non-traditional hanging.

COPYRIGHT: Reproductions of submitted artwork may be used by The Art Center for promotional and educational purposes.

LIABILITY & INSURANCE: The Exhibitor acknowledges that The Art Center’s facilities are open to the public and often unlocked. Exhibitor thus acknowledges that art left at the facilities may be at risk of being damaged, lost, or stolen. The Art Center provides insurance coverage for loss or damage to individual exhibited items in amounts up to $10,000 per occurrence with a $30,000 aggregate maximum per event. All insurance payments will be made less The Art Center's commission, in cases where the work is available for sale. All such payments will be dependent upon the artwork’s agreed value, as stated in the Exhibitor’s inventory. Should the insurer require an appraisal, any fees or costs incurred for the appraisal are the responsibility of the Exhibitor (as used herein “Exhibitor” includes the artist, owner of the art, or any third party claiming an interest in the art other than The Art Center). The Exhibitor may protect against loss or damage to its art by purchasing insurance at its own expense. The Exhibitor agrees to rely solely on its own or The Art Center’s insurance for recovery of any loss or damage of any kind to the artwork while in The Art Center’s possession. Except to the extent any loss or damage to the artwork is insured by The Art Center, the Exhibitor, or otherwise, the Exhibitor releases, indemnifies, and holds The Art Center, its members, employees, agents, officers, directors, and contractors harmless from any claims, actions, liability, damages (including but not limited to actual, consequential, or exemplary damages), losses, expenses, costs or fees, including attorney fees, relating to or arising out of the loss or damage to or destruction of the artwork from any cause, including, without limitation, loss or damage due to negligence or theft.

AGREEMENT: Submission of artwork shall constitute an agreement on the part of the artist to comply with the conditions set forth in this prospectus, including the following: Accepted artwork must be available for purchase unless ‘NFS’ is clearly stated in the online entry form. No work accepted for the exhibition may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. The Art Center will retain a 40% commission on all sales of juried artwork. Permission to reproduce the artwork for publicity purposes and for educational purposes is granted. Images are viewed anonymously by the juror. All decisions made by the exhibition’s juror are final. The Art Center is not responsible for any artwork that is lost or damaged in transit.