Contemporary Clay
Biennial Juried Exhibit 2022
Sponsored by Bernie and Mary Beth Buescher
May 13 – June 25
Fong Choo, Juror


The Art Center’s Contemporary Clay Biennial began in 2006. In the past 16 years it has grown to be a stellar exhibition featuring artwork from top artists in the contemporary ceramic field. This year’s juror, Fong Choo, has chosen 92 pieces to be exhibited from the 146 entries submitted. Along with the juried artworks, the invitational component to Contemporary Clay allowed Fong Choo to select a small group of professional colleagues to show contemporary ceramic work from nationally known artists.

Fong Choo specializes in mastering the form of the teapot. In his artist statement he notes, "What is so exciting about looking at a sleeping tiger?

"Nothing. But if you take a stick and poke at it, you will remember that tiger for the rest of your life!

"This is part of a conversation I once had at the Minnesota Zoo. In many ways, this parallels my attitude towards clay: it requires poking to awaken it. One must push the limits, test waters, search, prod and explore its many boundaries. I feel blessed to be able to pursue the life of a potter –especially when it requires poking the sleeping tiger...”

This exhibition brings contemporary clay artists to the Grand Valley, pushing our views of the ceramic world and demonstrating clay’s incredible adaptability as an artistic medium. It demonstrates how artists from around the world continue to push the limits of clay and expand the boundaries of the art medium.

Fong Choo will be offering a 2-day ceramic workshop alongside this exhibition on June 4th and 5th. The workshop will focus on exploring low-mid-range glazes and pushing the glazes in the firing to achieve dramatic results outside of the usual scope of low-mid-range glazes.