An Exhibition of work from the Jac Kephart Collection
Exhibition Dates December 1, 2023- January 26, 2024
Sponsored by: Chamberlin Architects
Opening reception Friday, December 1, 2023, 6:30-9pm

It is hard to meet anyone in the community who is unaware of Kephart’s incredible talent and legacy. When it came to style, he didn’t just have one. He was a true virtuoso. Kephart was a natural in portraying landscape, figure, impressions, and abstract. Though his work is broadly known, this exhibition will reveal never-before-seen paintings from Kephart’s private collection. Take a stroll through the Kephart Gallery and discover these new treasures of Kephart’s and learn more about him as an artist.

The Art Center is pleased to have the opportunity to share the works of this remarkable artist with the community. The addition of the Jac Kephart Gallery has added to our ongoing mission to support the arts and culture in the Grand Valley.