The fundraising peach tree in The Art Center of Western Colorado (TAC) courtyard is about to bloom, and we need your help to make it flourish! For a $1,000 donation committed to a specific cause, you receive a personalized peach sprout on our tree.

This summer, our case is clear and crucial: we need to raise funds for a van. TAC needs its own van to transport programs, art, supplies, and people to various locations.

Why a van matters:

  • Expand Educational Programs
    • A van will allow us to extend our educational programs beyond the walls of TAC, reaching more communities and enriching more lives with art.
  • Develop Remote Programs
    • We are developing remote programs, and reliable transportation is essential for delivering supplies and artwork to these locations.
  • Art Excursions
    • Our art excursion program is growing, and we desperately need a reliable vehicle.

A $1,000 donation to secure a van for TAC gets you a personalized metal fundraising peach to be placed on the tree. Our goal is to raise at least $30,000 to buy a quality, "new to us" van. The more we raise, the better vehicle we can purchase.

Make a lasting impact. Plant your peach on our tree and help us grow!

For more information, contact: