Explore The Art Center’s first ever online auction and enjoy a couple tutorials with Ashtonn Means and Matthew Jones!

Check out some mesmerizing footage of local artist @ashtonn.means creating a beautiful vessel from home. Thanks for sharing a few clips of what you’re working on with us, Ashtonn!

We’d love to see what other artists are creating during this time. If you have any of your own

Fluid, fast, gestural, unforgiving, soft, absorbent, complex, creative, bright, beautiful, spontaneous – these are the many attributes of this complex and sophisticated medium. Come witness the broad array of styles in this national juried exhibition. The Rockies West National exhibition is

Learn useful tips and tricks for sign painting in this video with TAC's staff member and local artist, Matthew Jones!

Kids and families, follow along and paint your own watercolor landscapes!

Is your watercolor painting buckling after it's dry? Learn how to avoid paper buckling in this short video. Thank you Lily Cain for sharing this watercolor tip with us!

The beauty of nature has served as the inspiration for countless aesthetic interpretations of its majesty. Artists obsessed with its brilliance render its glory and capture its subtlety. In the hands of an artist, a brush moves like light; dancing on still water, mountains appear from bleached

Here you have to try something, but don't take too much color, it has to be able to expand in order not to get thick puddles of paint. As always, I wish you a lot of fun with the video, if I was able to inspire you or just enjoyed it, I would be happy with a thumbs up or a nice comment.

Kids and families, follow along and create your own stamps from materials you are likely to have at home. Celebrate Autism Awareness month with this fun activity!

Kids and families, follow along and learn watercolor resist techniques! Create ocean scenes to celebrate Earth Day and all our planet has to offer 🌎