Contemporary Clay 2020

June 5-27
Bill Van Gilder, Juror
Submission deadline: February 16
Juror workshop: Saturday, June 6, 10am-4pm
For more information on how to submit, please visit CaFE.

This year’s juror is professional ceramic artist Bill van Gilder. Van Gilder has a rich history in the ceramic arts who began his clay career as an apprentice to Byron Temple at the age of 15. He has traveled to Southern Africa to enrich the art community there by forming pottery programs, teaching workshops, and establishing his own studio and gallery in Maryland. He has been a professional ceramic artist for over 50 years and continues to enrich the art community. He has featured numerous articles for Clay Times magazine and exhibits his artwork internationally.

Van Gilder states in his artist statement, “I make pottery with the hope and anticipation that the pots will invite use. By using a slow-momentum kick wheel and soft clays, I pursue the casual nuance of form and surface I admire so much in some historical pots. I make multiples of similar pots and within each series there is discovery… Would this form be more interesting made larger? What will happen if I add this to the clay body? Will this type of fuel change the surface or color of clay? Curiosity is paramount.”

“As a potter I can only setup parameters – from the choice of clays and materials to the making and finishing – allowing the nature of the flame to complete the process. My best work seems to make itself, when the acquired knowledge and intuition of material and fire is allowed to take over.”

“The process is complete when the pot is held in the hand, connecting the maker to the user – a subtle form of communication and enough reason for me to make pots again.”

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