Heritage Habitats

Ginger Owen and Vicki VanAmeyden
August 1 – September 29
First Friday Reception August 3, 7-9pm

Heritage Habitats, by Ginger Owen and Vicki VanAmeyden, is a multimedia exhibition comprised of six sculptural installations: Kites, Cairns, Groves, Roots, Heartwood, and Hankies. Owen is an Associate Professor of Photography and Intermedia arts at Western Michigan University and holds an MFA in Photography from Louisiana State University. VanAmeyden received her MFA with a concentration in printmaking from Western Michigan University and is a professor at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art where she teaches drawing, painting, and printmaking.

For this exhibition Owen and VanAmeyden construct intriguing spaces dedicated to the experience of ancestry. Each space is a glimpse into memories steeped in nostalgic references that transcend cultural distinction and depict different stages of human growth and development. Their collaboration ignites the imagination and guides viewers down a path of discovery and cultural unity through the careful consideration of our united human experience.

Their initial process is stimulated by family albums and sparks a dialog that invokes powerful emotions tied to memories and genealogy. These memories attest to similarities rather than specific cultural identities and are chosen for their relatability. Their refreshing views and dynamic displays will guide observers through the stages of life and inspire a state of introspection.

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