Hidden in Plain Type

A group exhibition featuring professors and working professionals in the field of graphic design
August 2 – August 31
First Friday Reception August 2, 7-9pm

Hidden in Plain Type, is a type-focused exhibition meant to explore the hidden world of typography on a monolithic scale. Graphic designers Eli Hall, Stephanie Hall, Devan Penniman, Emmi Farris, Candace Marlof , Jake Massey, Jesus Almarez, Suzie Garner and representation from the Art Center staff come together for an exhibition that will have you seeing letters in a whole new light. Artist featured in this exhibit will work in pairs to produce large scale installations all within a type centered theme. Works will be represented by variety of materials including wood, plastic, paper, string, and glass.

“The written word as an art form has taken many shapes throughout its development in society, some functional and some aesthetic. In fact, Phoenician letterforms were of the first symbols to make the jump from representation to abstraction. It would take an additional 3000 years for modern art to make this jump. At its root the written word and the visual arts share the same ancestry. Communication was, and is still, the link between the ancestral form and their present functions.”

̴̴Matt Jones

This exhibition has a word search that will lead you through the gallery and help illuminate unseen details. Below you fill find the answers.

  1. paradox
  2. hate
  3. f=ma
  4. dollar sign
  5. fleeting moments
  6. x-height

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