Membership Drive

Kick-off: Friday, November 2, 2018, during Demo Night
Ending Date: March 31, 2019
Become a member!

The Art Center’s long and faithful mission has been to build a thriving community of members dedicated to the furtherance of individual and collective expression through the arts. Its focus on youth and adult programs, exhibitions, lectures, and events has aided in sculpting the landscape of the Western Slope, providing some color to an area many of us call home. After 65 years, its course has remained unwavering and its pursuit strengthened by so many dedicated servants of this high order.

The Art Center is pleased to launch this year’s membership drive with the hope of building an even stronger body of members dedicated to this singular purpose. It is through our collective efforts that our community will bring forth a passion for the arts that has the capacity to transform the area in which we live. We encourage you to join The Art Center in extending the hand of fellowship to artists and art lovers alike. Together we can bring life to our community through giving the gift of both visual and performing art. A single voice is easily silenced in a crowd, but together our song can be heard. We thank all our members and volunteers for their continued support and are excited to further the growth we have witnessed in this wonderful organization.


Why is there an increase in the cost of membership?
‘Cause we are growing, y’all! We have increased the number of art exhibits by 33%. That means there will be something new for you to see every time you attend First Friday! Plus, we’ve taken on a new on-line marketplace that makes your experience much simpler to manage. And we’ve taken on new staff positions that are helping make our Art Center a better place for the entire community.

What is the “Circle of 100”?
This is our campaign to reach 100 members who are pledged to give $100 in the coming year. While this group of donors is the entry level into our pARTnership Circle, this group will be the cornerstone of our growth model. Think about it – 100 people paying $100 a year means $10,000! That’s equal to one of our highest donor levels. Filling this circle would be like finding a new major donor. We think the ideal people for the circle are current members (particularly our seniors and those on fixed incomes) who may not be ready for high-dollar donations but nevertheless would like to give more. The circle could also be an entry-level donation for millennials who may later develop into upper-level donors.

Why should someone join the “Circle of 100”?
By joining at this level, our patrons become a part of a group of patrons who sustain our educational programs and exhibits throughout the year. Beyond this altruistic reason, members of the Circle become the first to receive our incentive gifts. They also receive NARM (North American Reciprocal Museum Association) benefits which promise discounted or free admission at over a hundred museums in the US.

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