October 4 – November 16
Opening Reception October 4, 6:30-9pm

The Art Center is turning up the heat with the metalworkers’ exhibition! We are pleased to welcome metalworkers Sam Speir, Alaina Bittner, Zach Tabb, Mike Allen, Pavia Justinian, and Amanda Davis to this dynamic sculptural exhibition.

Mike Allen works with twisted and hammered metals to fashion functional art creations. Alaina Bittner brings the minute details of the natural world to our attention by enlarging a miniscule creature or detail, giving the viewer a new appreciation of the small elements in nature. Pavia Justinian is a mixed media artist whose focus is on figurative works. Justinian’s artist’s statement notes, “I see objects as shapes and line that want to fit together–and I weave them seamlessly into female figures…” Sam Speir–sculptor, printmaker, and conceptualist–combines elements from each artform to create stunning forms that discuss the concepts of mass media and media’s progression throughout time. Zach Tabb takes man-made objects and subjects them to the process of time. Tabb speaks to this in his artist’s statement — “I am creating material representations of nature reclaiming the man-made world.” Amanda Davis is a mixed media artist who incorporates found objects and metalwork into stunning figurative sculptures.

Don’t miss this dynamic exhibition of local sculptors within our community.   

Pictured above: A Portrait of Hugo, by Pavia Justinian

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