Splicing Time

Drawing and Narrative
Solo Exhibition by Chris Troutman
September 6 – 28
First Friday Reception September 6, 7-9pm

Step into the world of Chris Troutman in the exhibition “Splicing Time: Drawing and Narrative.”  After receiving his undergraduate degree from Bradley University in 2003, Troutman and his wife moved to Japan and founded a conversational English School in Kagoshima City. His time spent there plays a significant role in his artwork today, and he continues to travel to Japan annually. Troutman received his MFA in drawing and painting from California State University. He currently works as an Assistant Professor of art at Lamar University. His artwork explores concepts of human figures in urban landscapes. His works often include unusual and creative points of perspective. The scenes consist of multiple panels fused together as a conglomerate of happenings. This storyteller style has multiple levels of readability and creates organization throughout the work.  Troutman’s influences include Edgar Degas and Edward Hopper, and he uses graphic novels and comic books as a primary source of inspiration in his exploration of the drawing medium.

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