The Land in Which We Live

Solo Exhibition by Michael Brohman
August 3 – September 8
First Friday Reception August 3, 7-9pm
Artist lecture: Saturday, September 8, 2pm

The Art Center welcomes Michael Brohman, a mixed media artist from Denver, Colorado, for this solo exhibition. Brohman obtained his undergraduate degree from Colorado State University and his master’s degree in Architecture from University of Colorado Denver, where he works as a senior instructor of Sculpture. The Land in Which We Live will feature approximately 10 ceramic sculptural installations.

Brohman’s installations bring together a variety of carefully chosen objects, casts, and sculptures to convey concepts relating to the transformative qualities of culture. These installments serve as a dialog and stimulate questions regarding cultural identities formed by historical, geographical, and environmental conditions. He refers to his work as “an emotional and sometimes challenging investigation into who we are at this time and place in our history.”

For Brohman, the objects chosen for his compositions are more like ideograms saturated in conceptual content than forms merely chosen for their aesthetic value. In the world of Michael Brohman, everyday objects evoke a discussion concerning the metamorphosis of culture over time and what humanity deems valuable as we progress as a society. His works reveal the apparent influence his architectural background has on his selection process of forms. In his work there is a definitive conceptual discussion presenting the structure of society through an investigation of time, space, and place. Come experience the environments Brohman creates.

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