An exhibition by the Rocky Mountain Collage Society
Sponsored by Dean & Mary Harris
First Friday opening June 3

The Art Center is proud to announce the 7th Rocky Mountain Collage Society Members’ Exhibition from May 13 to June 25. Collage as an artform was first popularized by creating original works of art using expensive wall papers. Intricate original designs would be formed by seaming together a variety of patterns or illustrative works to create beautiful and luxurious interior design. The process was adapted by modern artists, the most popular of whom was Pablo Picasso. This technique can be seen in his work Bottle of Vieux Marc in 1913. The artform has since expanded to include all aspects of art history, mediums, and designs. Tattered edges, torn seams, snipped and frayed, hammered metal, rusted nails – these are just some of the common aesthetics presented in this sophisticated art form of Collage and Mixed Media. The approach to art materials that collage provides offers a unique perspective on artmaking. Its use of a variety of non-traditional materials frees up creative potential and leads the artist down a path unbound by materiality and function. The collage artist is free to explore their inner desires, playful imagination, and creative impulses.

Local mixed media artist Gayle Gerson says, “In the autumn of 2021, members of the collage society collaborated on an exchange of art journals. Four artists worked in each journal responding to the art they found in the journal when they received it. During the exhibition, they invite visitors to pick up each journal and browse through it.”