Solo Exhibition by emerging artist Loren Eakins
September 6 – 28
First Friday Reception September 6, 7-9pm

Loren Eakins is an emerging artist with his BFA from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and his biology degree from Colorado Mesa University. When he isn’t in Grand Junction, Eakins spends his time as a Northern Pacific Ground Fish Observer on the Bering Sea conducting scientific testing aboard a fishing vessel. Eakins uses his education in science and fine art to produce illustrations in graphite and watercolor. Some of his illustration work involves documenting new species. Many of Eakins’ graphite works are detailed studies of marine life or skeletal structures. His watercolor works balance his dualistic nature with gestural brush strokes and expressive use of color.

Eakins keeps detailed sketchbooks recording his experiences and travels. He expresses his appreciation for the beauty of nature through his portrayal of atmosphere using light, color, and energy. Eakins prefers to paint from life in a plein air style, and he is an invited artist in the 2019 Monuments and Canyons Plein Air Invitational this Fall. Fast changing lighting conditions and moving bodies grace Eakins with a few precious minutes to record each passing moment. Eakins states that “through accuracy, a delicate touch, and an ever-deepening understanding I seek to explore the world that surrounds us.”