“Watercolor is like life. Better get it right the first time, you don't get a second chance!"
-Sergei Bongart

Juror David Smith
March 5-29

This exhibition is one of the most competitive national exhibits for watercolor in the region. The Western Colorado Watercolor Society was formed in 1989 and had their first national exhibition in 1991. In the 29 years of this exhibition, the watercolor society has become a staple in the community for providing opportunity and national exposure to some of the best artists in the region. They host workshops and provide top-notch jurors for all of their exhibitions.

This year’s juror, David Smith, focuses on the fresh application of paint and dynamic lighting conditions. He uses a broad array of techniques which include spattering, spraying, pouring, and working wet into wet to provide texture and fluidity to the work. Accompanying the exhibition, David will be giving an online workshop focusing on revealing the natural white of the paper and using unique tools to produce implied lines and add to the atmosphere of the painting. For more information visit the Western Colorado Watercolor Society website,