February 4-26
Sponsored by the WCCA Foundation Board, the Ron Beckman Estate, and Chuck & Kendra McDaniel

Artwork pick up: February 26, 10am-2pm

For many artists, the reclusive lifestyle is an essential part of the art making process. Much of their time is spent in deep meditation focusing on what they see and how they feel. They communicate through art. Their passions, thoughts, and emotions are channeled through a variety of mediums and conceptions. This visual language is not just a product of the process but essential to it. The artist provides a layer of depth to the world that is sensed, not heard; perceived, yet not known. They challenge, they express, they enrich.

Part of this process is to share their creations with the world. It is human interaction that brings life into the artwork. Without the final component of exhibiting works of art, the artwork becomes neglected and a mere abstraction devoid of the vitality developed with the relationship between artist, artwork, and community. The Ron Beckman Art Center Members Show’s purpose is to highlight the artists throughout the Western Slope and provide a location for them to connect with the community through their artwork. Join us in sharing your voice with the world.