Gallery sponsored by Chuck and Robbie Breaux


It is said that the apprentice with clean hands will still manage to smudge a print, but the master with dirty hands prints without flaw. Such printers as Yoshitoshi, Albrecht Durer, and Alphonse Mucha captivate the imagination and foster skills that transcend the materiality of their creations. With a myriad of printing methods, artists like these, through ingenuity and expertise, paved the way for those willing to bear the mark and carry their brayers and tarlatans into the unknown. Captivated by the line’s shape and value, they leave an impression on more than just thick cotton and translucent rice papers. The fossils left behind endowed with strength and resolve linger on fragile surfaces, telling the story of what was and what may be. Their sophistication conveys the processes that birthed them and the spirit and confidence of the gestural mark.


The exhibition is curated by Colorado Mesa University Professor Joshua Butler. Butler is a Professor of Art and head of printmaking at Colorado Mesa University. The works chosen for this exhibition are from The Art Center’s permanent collection with additions from community collectors and Art Center supporters. The exhibition will include equipment and tools used in the printing process. The Art Center hopes this will give patrons insights into the making of these incredible works of art.