A Selection of Native American Rugs from The Art Center's Permanent Collection
March 3 – April 7

Brought to you by The Art Center’s Permanent Collection is a selection of Native American Weavings many of which were generously donated by Arch Gould. Included in the exhibit are Two Grey Hills rugs. The Two Grey Hills rugs utilize two distinct fibers, white and black. Weavers of Two Grey Hills rugs used neutral tones instead of vibrant colors produced using plant-based dyes. The technique used to combine yarns, known as “carding,” develops the grey tone. The weaving process is very involved, and it may take up to a year to create just one rug. Commissioned work was a sustaining part of Native American communities and helped to preserve the artform for later generations. It is because of collectors like Arch Gould that these works are preserved and seen today. Many of the patterns in this body of work deal with complex cosmologies associated with each tribe’s origin stories.