An Exhibition by Savannah Ashmore and Rachel Campbell-Osborne
December 3- January 29
Sponsored by Bernie & Mary Beth Buescher

The Art Center is pleased to have on display works by Mesa County Libraries Artists-in-Residence Savannah Ashmore and Rachel Campbell-Osborne. As the hub for arts on the Western Slope, The Art Center continuously supports art endeavors by its many community partners. This exhibition serves as a unique opportunity to encourage and foster greater awareness of the arts to individuals and organizations outside of the fine art community.

Nestled in the bosom of the Colorado National Monument with desert peaches blooming in the palisades, Savannah Ashmore found herself inspired by the flourishing nature that filled her childhood. Her artistic expression began as a young child and evolved as she grew older into a ritual of self-care and healing. The continuous expression of self is an important theme in her artwork and a genuine, organic stream of creation is crucial in the work she makes.

Ashmore graduated from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration in 2018. She currently resides in Grand Junction, Colorado. With her calico and mixed breed border collie by her side, Ashmore will continually create and illustrate her way through life.

Rachel Campbell-Osborne is a graphic designer and illustrator who lives in Grand Junction. Campbell-Osborne has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in graphic design from Colorado Mesa University and is grateful to have grown up surrounded by Mesa County’s rich and beautiful landscape. She lives with her two cats, Pinkie and Chester, and enjoys roller-skating on sunny days.

Campbell-Osborne states, “I create my whimsical and vibrant art in watercolor and through digital media. A lot of my work involves quirky character designs. To me, the most inspiring thing in the whole world is nature, especially plants and animals, and I often incorporate these elements into my work. Whether I’m designing my own hybrid creatures, or creating custom portraits, I am always looking for opportunities to add a creative twist.”